Our third contribution to Carlsberg City District pays homage to good craftmanship

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Taking a stroll through the streets of the historic Carlsberg City District is to experience a unique atmosphere of artistic detailing and architectural generosity. Since Carlsberg moved its production from the premises in central Copenhagen, the 170-year-old brewery site has been transformed into a lively new neighborhood where new and old exists side by side. 

Part of the development are nine towers, that will stand as new landmarks of the city. The last of the nine towers, Beckmann Tower with adjacent block Wilhelm House pays homage to the high quality craftmanship found at every corner on the grounds of the former brewery. Much of which is created by master builder P.S. Beckmann and architect Vilhelm Dahlerup.

“Carlsberg City District holds an incredibly high artistic and architectural quality and richness uncommon for an industrial area. From an architect’s perspective it is a treasure house of references pointing towards honest, robust materials and excellent craftmanship. We want to add as much generosity in the choice of materials and details to Beckmann Tower and Wilhelm House. At the same time, we want to give the building a contemporary character that creates coherence and harmony between old and new,” says Lise Gandrup Jørgensen, partner and director of projects. 

The new building block draws inspiration from many of iconic creations in the area such as Dipylon House, the Elephant Tower and the Winding Chimney. Framed patterns in the red brick façade gives the block its own unique character. By making the pattern vertical from street level to the top of Beckmann Tower and horizontal in Wilhelm House, we put emphasis on the shape and add human scale to the 80-meter tower. 

New life to historic surroundings
Beckmann Tower and Wilhelm House will be our third contribution to the new Carlsberg City District. Our studio has already gifted the listed Mineral Water Factory a new lease of life and designed the conjoined Mineral Water House – merging old and new together. 

“We are looking very much forward to be launching the neighborhood’s last project, and with such a central location in the area we are pleased to have Dorte Mandrup on board. The studio has shown great architectural understanding of the cultural heritage, we are working to maintain,” says Jens Nyhus, CEO of the development company Udviklingsselskabet Carlsberg Byen P/S.

Beckmann Tower and Wilhelm House will contain a mix of residential and commercial functions with shops, cafés, offices and a restaurant.  In the middle of the block, residents and visitors can enjoy largest green courtyard in the Carlsberg City District.  

Arpe & Kjeldsholm is the contractor behind the project, which is designed by Dorte Mandrup in collaboration with the engineering firm MOE, Opland Landscape Architects, and client consultant KUBEN Management. The project is expected to be completed in 2025.

Illustrations: Studio Sang