PLACE opens at Liljevalchs Art Gallery in Stockholm

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Endless Horizontal lines, extreme cold, wind, and ice, collective memories, and rugged shores. With an artistic, humanistic, and scientific approach to each design, we strive to create architecture that is deeply connected to the place from which it arises. It is not about being sentimental, but rather about a need to give something meaningful back and enhance the understanding of each place. The exhibition PLACE is our love letter to context and invites visitors to explore and unearth the local stories that have inspired the architecture of four unique projects.

Each project is presented through a sculptural model that highlights the dialogue between place and building. From the yellow-brown marshes of the Wadden Sea to the breathtakingly vast scale of the Arctic, and the mysterious landscape hidden beneath the surface of Norwegian Sea. The exhibition extends beyond the buildings themselves to reveal artifacts, materials, and studies that allow visitors to follow the creative process and understand how we work with with context. 

PLACE opens at Liljevalchs+ on 26 May and run until 3 September 2023. Visit Liljevalchs for more information about opening hours and upcoming events. 

The exhibition is presented at Liljevalchs Art Gallery in a partnership between the gallery, Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin and PopupArch Stockholm and is supported by Dreyers Foundation, Knud Højgaards Foundation and Beckett Foundation.


Photo: Adam Mørk