Art, Design and Architecture Award goes to Dorte Mandrup

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Director Einar Hansen and wife Vera Hansen’s Foundations annual Art, Design and Architecture Award goes to Dorte Mandrup.

Dorte Mandrup is the fortunate recipient of this year’s Director Einar Hansen and wife Vera Hansen’s Foundation’s Art, Design and Architecture Award. The award ceremony takes place in Copenhagen on November 21st at The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

It is a rare thing to be honoured for your entire body of work and to have a respected and talented colleague such as Lene Tranberg do the honours of articulating the motivation for this year’s choice, makes the experience even greater.

As a member of the committee, architect Lene Tranberg had the following to say about Dorte Mandrup’s work:

“Dorte Mandrup has created a long line of remarkable and internationally award-winning works of great, artistic strength. Works which in a uniquely empathetic manner combine the social dimension of the endeavour with great poetry, thereby forging new and meaningful connections between spaces and the gaps in-between. Across time and scale – between building and place”.

Dorte Mandrup is acknowledged for her span – “from transformations of existing buildings, infills and urban planning – to entirely new works, always anchored in location and landscape, whether it is the landscape of the city or of nature”.

Continuing, “Dorte Mandrup has a special ability to see and understand a place, not just physically but also mentally and atmospherically”.

Former recipients of the award include APVD, Roland Meier, Ann Lislegaard and Cecilie Manz.

Read the entire motivation for this year’s award here (in Danish)