Berlin exhibit HUMAN:NATURE opens at Aedes Architecture Forum

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On the 16th of August, we opened our first exhibit in Belin. On display is a catalogue of urban projects that enhance communities and relationships e.g. the Seaplane Hangar H53 in Copenhagen, the Sundbyøster Hall in Copenhagen, the Culture House and Library in Karlskrona and the Råå Preschool in Helsingborg.

These are presented along with the Wadden Sea Trilogy – a series of cultural buildings that communicate stories about the impressive, UNESCO protected Wadden Sea that extends from Denmark, through Germany and down to the Netherlands. 

Through models, videos, VR movies, sounds bites and artefacts the exhibition explains the nature of architecture that highlights what is already there while creating new relevance. For people and places – humans and nature.

Dorte Mandrup was awarded with the ‘AW Architekt des Jahres 2019’ (AW architect of the year) by the Hamburg based AW Architektur & Wohnen Magazine. With this follows an exhibition at Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin.

The jury statement – quote by Jörn Kengelbach, Editor in Chief AW Architektur & Wohnen: ‘Dorte Mandrup was appointed AW Architekt des Jahres 2019. She is our eighth award winner. The award honors her office for its work creating intelligent multipurpose architecture based on intensive analysis considering local conditions and the needs of future users. Her work is always focused on the well-being of humans. It ranges from innovative neighborhood centers and a broad range of cultural buildings, a supermarket overlaid with a sports hall and again apartments on the rooftop, housing complexes as well as transformations of historical and industrial buildings into modern, contemporary spaces. Her analytical and fact based way of working always ends in spectacular results.’

A big thanks to AW Architektur & Wohnen Magazine and Aedes Architecture Forum, as well as Ane Skak with Immersive Stories and Niels Bjørn for VR film and equipment.

On display until 26th of September 2019. Visit for more information.

Photos by Erik-Jan Ouerwkerk