Dorte Mandrup to design new office building in the heart of Stockholm

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Together with Kragh & Berglund and AKT II, we are going to design a new, ambitious office building in Stockholm's most central district, Norrmalm. The building is located between Stockholm Central Station and Kungsholmen, overlooking Ragnar Östbergs iconic town hall, and will house both offices and public functions. The winning proposal is characterised by a strong sculptural presence, tying together the many scales and expressions of the surrounding context while establishing new, generous public spaces.

“When designing a building in a dense urban environment, you have to be careful to preserve the already existing qualities while at the same time offer to give something meaningful back that creates value for both residents and visitors. I am proud that we have managed to bring sculptural quality to a complex and contrasting urban area in Stockholm and create a harmony in the transition between the many physical and historic layers, green qualities, and various scales of the surrounding context as well as adding new public meeting places close to the station and along the waterfront,” says Founder and Creative Director Dorte Mandrup.   

Inspired by the surrounding urban environment, the new office building forms a soft silhouette towards the water which gently tapers towards the south. The building’s two connected volumes relate to the different scales of the surrounding area and strengthen the connection between the inner city and Kungsholmen, contributing positively to the overall cityscape.  


Focus on architectural quality and vibrant urban spaces 
With its approximately 15.000 m2, the building consists of an open, transparent base that forms a coherent landscape both inside and out. The gradually declining terrain attracts people from the city and the station, leading them towards the waterfront. Inside, the design ensures a high degree of flexibility over time and can easily adapt to different activities and new ways of working.

”Our ambition is to create a vibrant and accessible place that creates value for the people of Stockholm and visitors alike. We look forward continuing the work with the City of Stockholm and Dorte Mandrup. The proposal has a strong identity and high architectural quality and shows a great understanding of what is important in an environment where people live, work, and meet. It strengthens the connection to the water, forms public spaces and fulfils our ambition for future workplaces and sustainable construction. The proposal ties together urban environments from different eras and heals the city where there used to be a barrier,” says Anna Kullendorff, Head of Business Development at Humlegården Fastigheter.

The proposal will now be further developed in a collaboration between the City of Stockholm, Humlegården, and Dorte Mandrup. Construction is expected to begin in 2029.

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