Dorte Mandrup selected to create a new innovative city gate to Aarhus Ø

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The new urban area Aarhus Ø rises from the waterfront in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus, creating an artificial island. It is characterized by its tall buildings, but where the island meets the inner city, this will be different. The new city gate ‘The Hinge’ will create a landmark in the transition between the historic town and new district.  A highly ambitious plan to create an innovative and sustainable urban focal point that we are proud to be part of.

"The building  ensures that the important view out over the bay is maintained. From Nørreport you will get the beautiful view under the building and from a distance you get the impression that the building is floating. It is innovative and without any defined backside, an urban space is created all the way around the building. It will be a beautiful gateway to Aarhus Ø, and a building that can add the connection between Aarhus Ø and the old city center that the area really needs," says Bünyamin Simsek, councilor for Technology and Environment , The City of Aarhus

With an open base, The Hinge is creating a transparency towards the coastal roads and the harbor. The staggered levels at the bottom are rethinking the classic floor separations and providing a new open market space, elevated above the busy road, where visitors can experience the magnificent view over the Aarhus Bay. Sculpturally shaped like an organic figure following the line of the boulevard to the east, it will create intimate pockets to enjoy the sun and life at the canal, protected from the wind.

“The Hinge has such an essential and relevant location in the city of Aarhus, which makes it a great responsibility to build a project right here. We have taken this amazing location very seriously and feel that we have been successful in getting the project and location to reflect each other. We now hope that we have the ability to bring it to life,” says the client.

Responsibility is a theme that runs like a red thread throughout the entire project. The ambition is that upcycled materials like concrete and glass will be used in the constructing of the building itself where it will have a positive result on the life cycle analysis. The entire office building will have a strong focus on sustainability and provide spaces for innovative business and start-ups to evolve their ambitions for the future. In the public market space in the lower floor visitors can enjoy organic food and meet to upcycle furniture, clothes and bicycles.

Read the entire press release (in Danish)

The Hinge is expected to open in 2026.

In collaboration with landscape architect Kristine Jensen and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers.

Illustrations: KVANT-1