An English-inspired Residence in Hørsholm

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Popular psychology always talks about introverts versus extroverts. Dorte Mandrup believes that we are all likely a bit of both, which explains the fundamental variety and flexibility of the forthcoming Hannebjerg Residences. Dorte Mandrup has won the competition to design the city of Hørsholm’s new residential area, “The Hannebjerg Residences”. The area will consist of 25-30 houses near the historic site of the Bronze Age Mound of Hannebjerg and aspires to seamlessly blend into the surrounding terrain.

Acknowledging that most of us are ambiverts with varying needs for privacy and social interaction, the English village typology perfectly allows for effortless and graceful transitions between intimacy and community.

“The English villages typically revolve around lush garden areas with room for intimacy and privacy while providing access to the community. The village offers a great deal of architectural diversity, which is something that has inspired the design of the Hannebjerg Residences. However, nature provides the real framework for the residential area, which is why we will establish a main green pathway connecting the two nature zones that surround the housing area. The nature zones are a completely safe area for children to play in and move about. They should – figuratively speaking – be able to “get lost” – but without any real danger. To this purpose, "we will construct a system of paths and small groves with fruit trees in the lush, green nature,” says Dorte Mandrup.

Architectural and human diversity

”We want the houses to appeal to as many types of people as possible – families, couples and singles. We strive to celebrate diversity and end monotony, which is why you will find both one-storey and two-storey houses, as well as courtyard houses and townhouses”, says Dorte Mandrup, who has transferred the flexibility of the English village to every aspect of the residential area.

“The houses allow you to be an introvert, extrovert and everything in-between. If you feel like being sociable, you can venture into the common garden area. If you enjoy being very close to your neighbours in general, you might choose to live in one type of house, but if you prefer to combine that with a bit of privacy, the courtyard house would be the obvious choice", Dorte Mandrup explains.

Hannebjerglund ApS is the builder of the project and it is expected to be ready by early 2019.