Exhibition opening: Step into the world’s Irreplaceable Landscapes

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This spring we are transforming Danish Architecture Center’s biggest gallery into a dreamy, sensual, and tangible landscape.

"Irreplaceable Landscapes” puts spot on the central stories and fragile landscapes of the Wadden Sea and the Icefjord in Greenland. Our hope is to convey the important message to understand, respect, and protect these environments in order to shape a sustainable future. There is a reason why some places are designated as world heritage sites, and we want to emphasize this, by showcasing how to induce sensitive landscapes through architecture.

The exhibition has been on the drawing board for almost a year. Convinced by the fact that architecture is best experienced 1:1 we had some difficulty fitting our message into the exhibition space. Especially because the projects we want to unfold are located far away from Copenhagen and – all but one – still underway…

We ended up with a solution presenting carefully chosen elements from each landscape and project instead. Through material samples, video projections, VR movies, sounds bites and artefacts the exhibition concept conveys the atmosphere and nature of each place – as close to 1:1 as possible.

One of the main attractions is a 200m2 thatched “roof” covering the floor of the largest exhibition space. Similar to the thatched roofs and walls of the Wadden Sea Center in Ribe, and crafted by the exact same people, this installation allows visitors to experience the local building tradition through all senses.  

In other words, this exhibition aims to communicate in a very sensuous way. Each project – the Icefjord Center, and the Wadden Sea Trilogy – tell their own story of irreplaceable places and landscapes without compromising and by unfolding their contexts in the broadest sense.

We look forward to stepping into the world’s irreplaceable landscapes with you very soon.  

“Irreplaceable Landscapes” runs from March 22 through May 26, 2019. Visit DAC’s website for more information about opening hours, tickets, etc.