Inside The Whale

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A flying humpback whale, a family of bronze killer whales, and a luminescent whale skeleton. These are some of the things you can expect to meet when entering the softly curved Arctic attraction in Northern Norway. For the very first time, The Whale A/S lifts the veil on the new whale exhibition - and it is far from ordinary.

"The Whale is not going to be a traditional natural history museum, conventional art museum, or regular experience center. But it will combine the best of all types - and create something entirely new," says general manager Børre Berglund. 

In the first part of the exhibition, designed by Engel Exhibit, a 15 meters long humpback whale floats in the air above the visitors. Here the humbling meeting with the gigantic underwater creatures will be in focus, exploring the similarities between human and whale.

Not far away, a family of killer whales breaks through the water surface and invite visitors closer. The bronze sculptures are both elegant and monumental. This is a place for watching the magnificent view and for children to play around. 

Yet another giant shows its tail in a closed-off space. Flickering lights make it appear as if the whale is swimming right beneath the surface where the sunlight is refracted. When the darkness arrives, the skeleton becomes visible through the transparent skin of the body.

All this will be part of the exhibition experience when The Whale opens in 2022. 

Renderings by Mir.