Amager Children's Culture House 
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    Amager Children's Culture House, Denmark

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    Municipality of Copenhagen, KE

Few people are more adept at drawing houses than your average kindergarten child. For the Amager Children’s Culture House, we chose to consult the true experts of free-form and creative use: the future users of the house themselves. The result is a playful building with an untraditional and childlike personality that seems determined to challenge grown-ups and conformists alike!

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The Children’s Culture House is an innovative project developed with the fanciful and fun input of children. We consider the Culture House a Danish Villa Villekulla that offers a unique range of spatial experiences and cultural activities. The house offers flexible spaces and customized furniture, which have been proven to enhance children’s creativity and active participation. The spaces provide opportunities for varied use and accommodate age groups from 0 -18 years with changing needs.

The expression of the Children’s Culture House is surprising and imaginative - the roof and facades are treated as the same, and the house does not have a “beginning” and “end” as ordinary houses do. All interior spaces are visually connected and are bound together by dynamic circulation.

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The Children’s Culture House is an innovative project, developed with the fanciful and fun input of children.
The Children’s Culture House
Amager Childrens Culture House11
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