IKEA Hubhult

When faced with the challenge of creating a new home for IKEA, we had to ask ourselves: what does the home of Scandinavia’s most experienced homemakers look like? We decided to seek inspiration at the core of IKEA’s brand – and came up with a 3D version of the IKEA universe. Aside from being an unconventional office space - we call it a meeting space - the building has the pleasure of being the most environmentally friendly office building in all of Scandinavia! 

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Hubhult is home to 1,000 employees. Being Scandinavia's most environmentally friendly office building and the most environmentally ambitious IKEA building in the world, Hubhult is registered with a BREEAM certification level of "outstanding" - a rating of the absolute top level. From the overall geometry to the technical detail, the aim is for Hubhult to be of optimum energy efficiency and an overall sustainable solution to office design.

The building complex consists of three volumes. The office and meeting centre are two diagonally connected squares and the third space is a car park that is covered with solar panels. 
The main architectural features are three large rotating light wells and a huge meeting staircase connecting the different floors, designed to embrace interaction and diversity and to allow employees to exchange knowledge and learn from one another - both formally and informally - through the adaptation of the building and flexibility of its open spaces.

At the heart of the building, the meeting centre is located alongside the foyer on the ground floor, in addition to open-plan collaborating areas and a co-worker café. The upper floors are designed as free open spaces with optimal contact through several staggered double height spaces. Each floor is designed to embrace activity-based working methods and presents a variety of interior designs.

From the overall geometry to the technical detail, the aim is to create optimum energy efficiency and sustainable solutions.
Dorte Mandrup, IKEA, Hubhult
Hubhult, Dorte Mandrup, IKEA