The Mineral Water House Dorte Mandrup
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    The Mineral Water House, Denmark

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    Carlsberg Byen P/S

Bricks are never just bricks in Carlsbergbyen. They tell the story of a former industrial neighborhood, and together with red tiles, ornaments and bronze sculptures, they form a piece of Danish history. Amid this unique atmosphere, the Mineral Water House is being built. Being one half of a strong duo, the Mineral Water House creates a bridge between the historical neighbours and the future city district.

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Situated in the historical Carlsberg district of Copenhagen is a 2-in-1 project. Originally the Carlsberg premises for mineral water, today the building comprises a heritage protected site. Gifted a new lease of life, the old space will embody a new mixed-use building, the Mineral Water Factory, and be located next to a new build with the same purpose, The Mineral Water House. Conjoined by the existing building's gable, the merger of old and new together comprise the new city block.

Close by the historic J. C. Jacobsen’s Garden and next to the listed Mineral Water Factory, lies the new Mineral Water House. The building will house offices, apartments, shops and a café.

Offices will cover 2600 m2 and be facing Pasteurvej. On the opposite site, facing west and south towards the garden are a mix of smaller two-rooms apartments, family homes, and penthouse- and atelier apartments making a total of 49 homes.

A series of terraced volumes and balconies offer individual personal spaces and give the building a unique character. Incorporating the original design of an additional old Carlsberg building opposite, the balconies of the new build pay homage to the Hanging Gardens facade.

Besides the balconies and the green space in the centre of the building, the new residents can look forward to having a 160 years old backyard the size of Kongens Nytorv.

Just like at its older sister, the ground floor of the Mineral Water House ties its multipurpose use together creating a lively neighborhood in the heart of the new Carlsberg City District.

Dorte Mandrup Mineral Water House
Terraced volumes and balconies offer personal spaces and pay homage to a Carlsberg classic: the Hanging Gardens.  
Dorte Mandrup Mineral Water House