• Name

    Mittuppgången Station, Sweden

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  • Client

    Jernhusen AB

To move through the halls of Gothenburg Central Station is to travel through 200 years of history. Since it opened in the 18th century, the station has been extended many times with one reoccurring architectural element – the vault. Presented with the task of creating a new station building to the north, we envisioned a natural continuation of the journey through the arched halls. Our design for Mittuppgången is a symphony of vaults – orchestrating the changing rhythm of space and light.

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With its friendly urban vibe and stunning nature on its doorstep, Gothenburg is a force to be reckoned with. The city is growing rapidly with new vibrant neighbourhoods forming in the heart of the city, all committed to sustainability and innovation. In this spirit, the new extension to Gothenburg Central Station, Mittuppgången, will make it easier for travellers and commuters to make a more sustainable choice – connecting Gothenburg to West Sweden, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe.

Our design for Mittuppgången is inspired by Gothenburg’s characteristic yellow brick façades and vault motifs featured in buildings like the historic fish market hall Feskekôrka, Gothenburg Museum of Arts and Guldheden Watertower. The classic vernacular of the columns and vaulted ceiling frame the dramatic spaces throughout the double-height station hall. Light flows throughout the building through the skylights and large arched openings, with daylight even reaching the platforms below. Covered in perforated tiles arranged in a fish scale pattern, the vaulted ceiling lights up in the evening, illuminated from behind. The shifting light scenes resemble the many shades of a starry night sky.

Mittuppgången is a three-storey hub, designed for passing travellers, busy commuters, as well as the people working in the shops, market hall and offices. Echoing the arch formations of the elevation, the undulating façade retracts back from the street at each entrance in the same way, creating small, wind-protected pockets that can be used as meeting points. Each entrance is wide and accessible, welcoming people into the open station hall. 

Three oval-shaped atria punctuate the building, allowing daylight to penetrate all floors, and providing views of the station hall and the wooden structure of the upper floors. Above the station hall, the exposed wooden structure of the upper floors creates a warm and friendly office environment. The generous floor heights and the placement of stairs and lifts give a high degree of flexibility for future users. Distinctive stairwells function as visible entrances to the offices and invite people to walk instead of using the lift. The roof is covered in a green, leafy surface with solar cells and terraces, offering spaces for contemplation and providing visitors with spectacular views of the city.

Dorte Mandrup was amongst the four finalists in the competition for Mittuppgången. Danish-Norwegian studio Reiulf Ramstad Architects was selected the winner in 2022.

The building is inspired by Gothenburg's characteristic yellow brick facades and vault motifs.