Vanløse School

It’s all about the climate at Vanløse School. Dorte Mandrup’s new independent addition to the existing school, the Climate Pavilion, emphasizes the school’s dedication to energy efficiency with solar panels on the entire southern facade and roof. A poster child for energy reduction, the school has even won awards from national energy suppliers for its ability to reduce energy costs...

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The Climate Pavilion is placed between the existing school and sports hall as a solitary 4 storey building.

The geometry of the building evolves from the environmental profile of the school and the urge to signify the school’s awareness of energy consumption and environmental impact, achieved by integrating solar panels as a distinct element in the south-facade and rooftop of the building.

The horizontal division of the facade in various heights leads to a spatial differentiation of each room and a smooth intake of daylight as well as emphasising the difference in scale between children and grown-ups.

The building is at an angle, ensuring it does not close off the exterior courtyard from the adjacent street, but instead opens up and invites visitors into the space. The architectural detailing and overall design interacts with the existing school building to create a coherent architectural whole.